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November empties

2 Dec


November empties

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Attacking tangles

27 Nov

Anyone who has read my Christmas wishlist post will know that I was lusting after a Tangle Teezer. I was browsing the beauty aisles in my local Pound Stretcher looking for a bargain when I came across a dupe – Tangle Attack.


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Glam hair for £10

2 Feb

Payday brings out the urge to shop in all of us, so when my hard earned dosh had made its way into my account yesterday I made my first beauty purchase of the month.

In this months Cosmopolitan magazine WAG Alex Curran raves about Backcomb In A Bottle, a new product by Umberto Giannini. I’m a huge fan of big hair and I’m constantly backcombing in an attempt to add some volume to my fine locks, so this product seemed like a must-have.

On my lunchbreak I popped into Boots and was pleasantly surprised to find that all Umberto Giannini products were 3 for £10. It would be rude to ignore such a generous offer so after spotting the miracle in a bottle I scanned the shelves for two more treats.

After much deliberation I settled for Pump & Sexy Volume Conditioner and Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask and made my way to the till. I left the store triumphant that I’d saved just over £6 and gained 40 advantage points, every little helps!

3 for £10.. bargain!

Backcomb In A Bottle and Pump & Sexy Volume Conditioner are part of the same Glam Hair range. I’m a fan of the sleek and sexy packaging although it wouldn’t look out of place in the adult section of Ann Summers!

Last night after shampooing my hair I applied the Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask. It claimed that the shea butter would replenish dry, damaged hair whilst the soothing scent would pamper the senses. My senses certainly were pampered, the mask’s lightly perfumed aroma is gorgeous and although the texture of the mask looks thick, it didn’t feel heavy, which was a good start. As with all hair masks, the longer it is left on the better the result so I waited at least 10 minutes before rinsing it off. After a quick blow dry I examined the results and was impressed, my hair looked glossy and felt very soft – it will be used on a weekly basis now to make ammends for the daily straightening!

Backcomb In A Bottle vows to create the instant texture and volume of backcomed hair without causing any damage and unbelievably, it does! As my hair is fine, I didn’t need to use too much of the product to get the full effect. After a quick spray my hair looked fuller and had the toussled look of being attacked with the comb and after a quick jujj I had plenty of volume – more so than when I backcomb! The product is very similar to hairspray and kept its hold throughout the day – very impressive!

I’m yet to try the conditioner but if the other two products are anything to go by it will be a good choice and I recommend you nip down to your nearest Boots and snap up some hair treats for yourself.

Have you found any lunchtime bargains recently?