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November empties

2 Dec


November empties

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Liebster award

14 Nov

The lovely Charlotte over on has nominated me for a Liebster award.

It was such a nice thing to see pop into my inbox as it’s the first time anything like this has happened to me since I started my blog. The aim of the award is to help promote blogs with less than 200 followers.

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Glamour freebie

13 Nov

I love nothing more than spending a lazy evening drinking copious amounts of tea while reading a glossy magazine.

Glamour has been my favourite magazine for a few years now and they like to treat their readers to a freebie every now and again.

This months edition has the lovely Katy Perry as the cover star and not only gives you the choice of four Kate Spade for Nails Inc polishes (worth £11) but also a Body Shop gift card that could contain £3, £15 or £100 (you have to go in store to find out) – all for the £2 price of the magazine. 




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Christmas wishlist

3 Nov

In a few weeks, the inevitable question be fired at me from my family and friends – what do I want for Christmas? When I was younger, I could fire off hundreds of answers to this question but as I’ve got older I’ve found it more difficult to answer. So I’ve popped my thinking cap on and come up with a few ideas and here’s what I’ve got so far…

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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween everyone!

I thought I’d share a picture from my Halloween night out in Birmingham on Saturday. I was supposed to be Little Dead Riding Hood but I think I looked more like an evil doll!



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Pay day treat

25 Oct

I was extremely happy when I checked my bank balance this morning and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one – payday has arrived!

I always like to treat myself as soon as I get paid, while my balance still looks healthy and before the harsh realisation that I have bills to pay kicks in.

I’ve been lusting after discounted products on for a few weeks now so this lunchtime, I placed my order and I thought I’d share with you what treats I’ve got coming my way.

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When Kelly met Charlotte

14 Oct

I’ve been so busy lately, starting a new job, moving house, decorating etc that I just haven’t had time to blog. But like a moth to the flame, I’m back and I couldn’t think of a better comeback post than when I met the lovely Charlotte Crosby.

Charlotte and co-star James

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