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Great skin for just £1

6 Nov

Nivea Creme has been a permanent fixture in my make up bag for years now so when a fellow blogger tweeted a link to a recent  Daily Mail article that compared my £1 moisturiser of choice to a product that cost £105, I was intrigued to see which one came out on top.


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A prime example of a smashing product

24 Oct

Smashbox, I salute you! How I lived without the Photo Finish Primer, I’ll never know – it is AMAZING!


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Just the (body) tonic

21 Oct


The product I cannot live without at the moment is Garnier’s Body Tonic Instant Firming Hydrating Lotion.

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Hey Sugar, Sugar

14 Jan

Baths are perfect for relaxing and soothing aching limbs. As I couldn’t even pick up a cup of coffee without wincing this morning after a hardcore exercise session yesterday, I was couldn’t wait for a nice, long soak tonight.

I took the opportunity to use a new product that I got in a set for Christmas – Along Came Betty’s Hey! Sugar Sugar sugar scrub.


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Drip, drip, drop little Aapri showers..

15 Apr

When it comes to products such as shower gel, facial scrubs, moisturiser, etc – the scent and packaging play a big part in my decision.

So when I was looking through my mom’s shelf in the bathroom cabinet Aapri’s facial scrub gel caught my attention.

The peachy packaging screams spring and as I am a big fan of the coral colours lately I was instantly drawn to it.
The smell is also fantastic.
As you would expect from an apricot scrub, it has the fruity aroma of apricots – gorgeous.

As I am constantly tanning and wearing make up, I need to use a facial scrub on a daily basis to exfoliate and keep my skin feeling fresh and soft.

I have previously used tea tree products (to aid breakouts) but find this can be quite harsh on my skin as well as smelling quite medicinal. I have also tried a Clinique scrub and although it makes my skin feel great, the scent is very bland and does nothing for me.

Aapri however ticks all of those boxes and after one use I was hooked.
It is made with finely ground apricot kernels to gently cleanse the skin.
Preferably used after removing make up, it removes additional dirt, grease and dead skin cells leaving healthy, radiant skin.

Luckily my mom gave it to me too but even if she hadn’t I would have purchased some myself.

Have you got a favourite facial scrub?