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Glamour freebie

13 Nov

I love nothing more than spending a lazy evening drinking copious amounts of tea while reading a glossy magazine.

Glamour has been my favourite magazine for a few years now and they like to treat their readers to a freebie every now and again.

This months edition has the lovely Katy Perry as the cover star and not only gives you the choice of four Kate Spade for Nails Inc polishes (worth £11) but also a Body Shop gift card that could contain £3, £15 or £100 (you have to go in store to find out) – all for the £2 price of the magazine. 




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NOTD: OPI Over the Taupe

9 Nov


I recently added this lacquer to my collection and I love it, such a warm, autumn shade! It is a creamy, mushroom shade, goes opaque with two coats and since I applied it on Monday (on my acrylics) it hasn’t chipped and still remains glossy even though I didn’t apply a base or top coat.

I got this for £3.99 at Fragrance Direct, there’s lots of shades to choose from and you can get yours here

Autumn nails

1 Nov

Autumn has well and truly arrived. Brown leaves are scattering the pavement, there’s a chill in the air and I’m digging my jumpers out of my wardrobe.

It’s also time to say goodbye to my bright summer nails and embrace the autumn colours. I’ve selected a few of my favourites that I’ll be wearing for the next few weeks.

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A Minnie manicure

20 Jan

I have had my eye on OPI’s Vintage Minnie Minis set for months now. The girly pink and red lacquers, combined with my love for all things Disney meant that this collection was right up my street. Fortunately, my wonderful friend Steph surprised me with the set for Christmas and to say I loved it would be an understatement – I haven’t used another polish since.

The set features the RapiDry Top Coat and three shades; the deep red The Colour of Minnie, the gorgeous pale pink If You Moust You Moust and the red/dark pink glittery I’m All Ears. 

The Vintage Minnie Minis set

The Vintage Minnie Minis set

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NOTD Minnie Minis OPI

6 Jan


Nails of the day are The Colour of Minnie by OPI, part of the Vintage Minnie Minis set.
Full review of the whole set coming soon.

Strong nails nailed

22 Sep

As I’ve revealed before, my nails are never bare. Whether they are painted with one of my many polishes, livened up with press ons or lengthened with extensions one thing they never are is au natural.
As a result, my nails are quite weak and bendy.
They also tend to break once they pass a certain length but that was a price I paid, until now.

I have misplaced my Rimmel top coat and instead of bothering to look for it or replacing it, I’ve been borrowing one from my friend at work.
The product in question is Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle

I’ve been using this for the past two weeks and on Friday I made a passive comment that my nails have grown quite long and strong recently.
I didn’t put two and two together but my colleague said it was probably due to all of her top coat I’d been using.
A lightbulb instantly went on in my highlighted blonde head, of course that was why!
I’ve made a mental note to purchase it on payday because the results have been amazing.
So farewell weak nails, hello super strong ones!

Play Day MAC nail lacquer

5 Jun

Last week I went to designer shopping outlet Cheshire Oaks. But as my trip was just before pay day I had to be on my best behaviour. That meant staying far away from the temptation of Fiorelli and All Saints!
I did allow myself one treat however and that was MAC’s Play Day nail lacquer.
This creamy coral shade forms part of MAC’s Vera spring collection.
The colour is simply stunning and I was drawn to it immediately.
However when it came to applying the polish I was less impressed.
It took four coats to become totally opaque and even then it was quite streaky.
I must admit for the price (a discounted £8) I was shocked at the quality. The budget brands out there are of a much higher quality.
I did expect the lacquer to redeem itself and remain chip resistant for a while.
Sadly it didn’t and within two days (an even with a top coat) it had started to chip.
Overall I love the colour and the simple but classy packaging but that’s where my admiration for this product ends.
I will be on the lookout for the same shade with a more trusted, cheaper brand!

Have you had a better experience with MAC nail lacquers?