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Lashes fit for a Christmas tree

5 Jan

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you are all keeping to your new year’s resolutions? I have a few, including blogging more and I have actually managed to stick to them so far (I’m not going to blow my own trumpet too much, we are only four days in) but hopefully I’ll continue to do well.

For my first post of 2013, I’m going to share my thoughts on Urbanista’s On the Lash eyelashes. Instantly I loved the name, it is as witty as Urbanista’s other products and it just makes them sound fun.


Bejeweled lashes.

silver glitter

Silver glitter lashes.





My second thought was that they would have to be saved for a special occasion as they are quite out there. That occasion arose just before Christmas, when guilty pleasure Rylan from the X-Factor was appearing at Birmingham’s superclub, The Nightingale.

I’d already said I’d go with my best friend Sarah to see him as payback for dragging her along to see last year’s reject and even guiltier pleasure Johnny Robinson. But the truth was, I wanted to go – his camp, in your face stage presence made me smile, I couldn’t not like him.

Anyway  his appearence coincided with our annual Christmas fancy dress girl’s night. Me and Sarah decided to steer clear of the sexy Santa look this year and instead dressed ourselves up as a Christmas tree (me) and a Christmas pudding (Sarah).

This, I thought was a good time to pull out the lashes. I gave Sarah first dibs and although she loved the bejeweled lashes, she agreed that they were more suited to a Christmas tree so opted for the silver glitter ones.

Sarah has enviable long lashes anyway but insists on wearing fakes for extra va-va-voom. Although she liked the lashes once they were applied, unfortunately these Urbanista lashes weren’t long enough for her and she had to apply another pair on top.

This meant that you could no longer see the pretty silver glitter along the lashline, but I did manage to snap a pic beforehand.


These lashes come with their own glue but I can’t comment on it as we didn’t use it. We never use anything but W7 Lash Adhesive (£2.17) because not only is it clear and doesn’t leave white gloops everywhere but we know it works. Your lashes aren’t coming off half way through the night when you use this badboy.

Due to the sheer amount of wine that was consumed while we were getting ready, I forgot to take a snap of my lashes and sadly, none of the pics from that night show the beautiful, delicate detail on them that matched my outfit to a tee. I had no problem with the length, they were perfect for me. As I have tiny lashes anyway, an extension is a huge improvement in my book!

The On the Lash lashes are available here at a competitive £4.99.

I’ll leave you with a few of the pictures from our night out and for the record, Rylan was nice enough but he can’t sing very well….



My friend Bekki and I


My friend Chelle got to meet Rylan after he performed.


Standard pic of my holiday nails.


Trick or trio treat

15 Oct

When I first discovered make up I was quite daring with my eyeshadow choices. I wasn’t afraid to rock Sophie Ellis Bextor-esque bright green or an electric blue. I’m the first to admit it wasn’t my best look. These days I prefer a more natural, neutral look and usually stick to dark greens, browns and creams with a thick lashing of eyeliner.

For autumn, one of my favourite brands, Miners cosmetics has launched a new eyeshadow collection and I want to share the one that ticks all  the right boxes as far as I’m concerned.

It is called Goddess and it is part of the Trio collection, because, as the name hints at, you get three shades for the price of one. It is a stunning mix of perfectly blendable greens and beige. The colours work together to create a smoky eye effect that I adore and I’m currently wearing this product on a daily basis for both work and play.

Thoughfully, Miners have made the middle colour, which is a creamy, lighter mix of the two others, bigger as it works as a base colour and therefore gets used the most. I apply this shade all over the lid and then put a touch of the beige near the eyelashes before adding the green to the edges. I think it makes my blue eyes pop and looks brilliant with a tan.


I’m not the only fan of this product, Hollie-Jay Bowes, who played Michaela in Hollyoaks tweeted about her love for it recently and said it complimented her new ginger locks. I’ve always loved Hollie’s style so I was thrilled to find out that she also had this in her make up bag.

Hollie-Jay’s tweet

The trios are available in three other shades to suit all skin tones and tastes. There’s Stone-washed, which is a collection of blue hues, Humbug, which creates a traditional black/white smokey eye and Safari, which is a variety of bronze and browns.

All available for  £3.99 from