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No pain, lots of gain.

23 Sep
Before I went on holiday last month, I did my best to whip myself into shape by exercising on a daily basis. I can’t say it worked miracles but I did lose half a stone. Obviously I put all of that back on thanks to it being all inclusive (and probably more – I daren’t weigh myself) but I’m trying to get back into it now and slim down in time to eat myself silly at Christmas!
One of the draw backs of exercising is the aches and pains that follow. I had a brief love affair with running a few months ago but I had to stop as the pain in my calves the next day was unbearable. I know they say no pain, no gain but that was on another level of agony! I’ve since started doing a mixture of cardio, weights and swimming and while the aches are not excruciating, they are still there.
Obviously when I’m at home, a hot bath or cosying up with a hot water bottle seems to solve the problem but when I’ve woken up feeling like I’ve run a marathon and I’ve got to go to work that isn’t possible. Once or twice I’ve risked stinking out the office and sprayed some Deep Heat on the affected area but frankly I find the scent embarrasing and the majority of the time I would rather soldier on than use it.
I’ve been on the look out for a non-offensive muscle rub for a while and I have now (thankfully) found it in the form of The Bakewell Soap Company’s  organic and  After Exercise Deep Muscle Relief Rub.
It claims to relieve aches caused by lactic acid build up and reduce inflamation.As soon as the postman delivered this parcel I ripped it open eager to give it a good sniff. It’s hard to describe the smell but it is 100% better than Deep Heat. The ingreediants include sweet almond, lavender and chamomile and I can detect hints of all of these in the overall scent.
So it smells good, but does it work? To be honest, this arrived at just the right time to find out. At the time, I’d got a strange pain in my back. There was no visible redness or bruising so it was obviously muscular. My lovely boyfriend Paul had even gave me numerous massages and I’d dosed up on pain killers but it was still giving me grief. So that night before bed I asked Paul to apply some of the relief rub to the offending area.
I expected it to warm the area like Deep Heat but I couldn’t feel a thing. I was starting to doubt it would work but then within 20 minutes the pain began to subside. When I woke up the next morning the pain had completely gone – thats proof enough for me.
I’ve used this product a few times since, particularly after swimming as I’m using muscles I don’t use daily so can get a bit sore afterwards and it really does the trick. It has a waxy texture so only a small amount is required each time, so I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of this 40g tin.
Overall I’m really impressed with this gem from The Bakewell Soap Company. The packaging is quite simple but I wouldn’t expect anything outragious from an organic cosmetics company. The bonus is that it’s small enough to pop into your handbag and have on hand for when pain strikes.
If you want to purchase your own tin of relief for £6.95, you can do so here.

Strong nails nailed

22 Sep

As I’ve revealed before, my nails are never bare. Whether they are painted with one of my many polishes, livened up with press ons or lengthened with extensions one thing they never are is au natural.
As a result, my nails are quite weak and bendy.
They also tend to break once they pass a certain length but that was a price I paid, until now.

I have misplaced my Rimmel top coat and instead of bothering to look for it or replacing it, I’ve been borrowing one from my friend at work.
The product in question is Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle

I’ve been using this for the past two weeks and on Friday I made a passive comment that my nails have grown quite long and strong recently.
I didn’t put two and two together but my colleague said it was probably due to all of her top coat I’d been using.
A lightbulb instantly went on in my highlighted blonde head, of course that was why!
I’ve made a mental note to purchase it on payday because the results have been amazing.
So farewell weak nails, hello super strong ones!

My survival kit

11 Sep

First of all I have to apologise for being as lazy blogger lately.
A virus infested laptop combined with a fun filled weekend at V Festival and a week of luxury on a Scandinavian cruise has meant I’ve had little time to sit down and write about my latest finds.

Luckily, the products I’ve wanted to share are the ones I have been using on a regular basis, so I thought I’d reveal the contents of my make up bag for this post.

I always start with a BB cream and I recently repurchased Maybelline Dream Fresh, which I have already reviewed here. I still love this product as it makes me look refreshed in seconds. As you can imagine, this came in very handy at V Festival after a lot of vino and a night in a tent!

If I need a bit more coverage due to spots or lack of sleep, I then apply Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation.

Healthy Mix is a firm favourite.

I’d heard good things about this product so when I was browsing the aisles of Superdrug,  I couldn’t resist popping it in my basket.
I really like this foundation as it does what it claims and gives me a healthy, peachy natural matte complexion. In fact, I barely feel like I’m wearing foundation with this product. As I’m usually quite tanned, I opted for the Beige shade (54) and I’m pleased to say it looks just as natural whether I am freshly bronzed or slightly sunkissed, which is a bonus. I’ve found this foundation has staying power too and I can easily go through the whole work day without needing to touch it up at lunch.

If I’m having an oily skin day I then like to apply a pressed powder.
At the moment I’m using the Warm shade from the unique to Boots brand Natural Collection.

Well used but doesn’t have the desired effect.

I purchasd this a few months ago but forgot all about it. After a couple of uses recently, I remembered why it had been left on the make up scrap heap – I’m not head over heels with it. I find it is a bit too thick for my skin needs and it can leave me not only a bit pale (despite the shade claiming to be warm) but can also look caked on, which as we all know isn’t a good look. Thankfully, I haven’t needed to use this product a lot lately but I think it’s time to find something more suitable to have on hand  for next time!

Next comes the bronzer and blusher.
For this I use Miners Blusher Bricks.

These bricks work perfectly with the foundations of my everyday look.

The bricks come in two shades, the Pinks and Browns. Both have a trio of contrasting colours, which can look daunting at first but work together to give a subtle glow. I use the browns first, the colours range from a sand colour to a peachy shade before finishing with a deep caramel. I apply this product with my bronzing brush and swirl it around all three colours to ensure even coverage.  I then move on to the Pinks, this time using a blusher brush to swirl together the baby pink, cerise and plum shades and applying to the apples of my cheeks. Both of these products compliment my base and are a bargain at £4.49. They can be purchased here.


Once my base is complete I use my GOSH eyebrow pencil to thicken up my eyebrows. I’ve already reviewed this product in depth but if you missed it the first time, click here.

For my eyes I like to keep it simple. I use one of the many brown shades from my FCUK pallet before putting a bit of Collection 2000 Fast Stroke black liquid eyeliner along the lid of my eye to make my short eyelashes look longer. I finish off with Maybelline’s Illegal Length mascara.

All eyes on these products

I really struggle to find a mascara that lengthens my lashes and initially this did the trick and not only made them look impressively longer but also thicker.
Sadly, over the past couple of weeks the wow factor has come to an end so I’m open to ideas for what my next mascara should be!

Finally I either finish off with one of my many Miners lipsticks which I have previously reviewed here or the company’s latest product Tin o Tint.

Tinted temptations

I’ve been settling for the latter lately as the cool autumn days have left my lips feeling dry. I alteternate between the Mango (coral) and Cocoa Bean (light brown) shades, depending on my mood. Both smell delicious and give my lips a subtle tint whilst keeping the cracking and dryness at bay. To get a good even cover I find I only have to use the tiniest amount, which means the products will probably see me through the whole of winter too. These cost £2.99 and other balm shades include Cherry, Watermelon and Vanilla and are available here
It may seem like a lot for day to day wear but I’ve got this routine down to just 10 minutes if I’m in a rush (which is often, I use the snooze button a lot!)

I’d love to know what daily products you use, leave me a comment with your must haves.