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Oh my GOSH

24 Jun

Those of you that follow me on Twitter may recall a recent tweet where I asked why I always picked a dud Rimmel brow pencil.
When first purchased it is brilliant, but once it becomes blunt and needs sharpening, the problems begin.
For me, no matter what sharpener I used, the pencil nearly always snapped.
Despite this, I have foolishly soldiered on and used the product for at least five years.
I finally saw the light and decided to see what else was on offer.
As i was browsing the aisles of Superdrug during my lunch hour for another brand to use I discovered the GOSH long lasting brow pen.
I immediately purchased it for £6.49 in dark brown – after all there would be no sharpening required.
I used it as soon as I got back to work and was amazed at the results.
The brush is firm but soft and allows you to do strong lines and create a thicker brow and fill in any gaps caused by a slip with the tweezers.
As the end of my brows are on the thin side, I ended up with product on my skin the first few times I used it, but thankfully it was still wet and wiped off without a trace.
However once it is dry, it stays put and is hard to remove, even after a sweaty gym session, which is great.
I can’t recommend this product enough, I’ll never go back to pencils now.
What do you use on your brows?





Play Day MAC nail lacquer

5 Jun

Last week I went to designer shopping outlet Cheshire Oaks. But as my trip was just before pay day I had to be on my best behaviour. That meant staying far away from the temptation of Fiorelli and All Saints!
I did allow myself one treat however and that was MAC’s Play Day nail lacquer.
This creamy coral shade forms part of MAC’s Vera spring collection.
The colour is simply stunning and I was drawn to it immediately.
However when it came to applying the polish I was less impressed.
It took four coats to become totally opaque and even then it was quite streaky.
I must admit for the price (a discounted £8) I was shocked at the quality. The budget brands out there are of a much higher quality.
I did expect the lacquer to redeem itself and remain chip resistant for a while.
Sadly it didn’t and within two days (an even with a top coat) it had started to chip.
Overall I love the colour and the simple but classy packaging but that’s where my admiration for this product ends.
I will be on the lookout for the same shade with a more trusted, cheaper brand!

Have you had a better experience with MAC nail lacquers?