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Cream of the crop

30 May

I’m the first to admit I’m not a pretty sight in the mornings. If there’s one thing I try to avoid, it’s facing the world without my make up. I really dislike the way my skin looks without foundation. It is dull, I have freckles and my skin tone is uneven.
But now I’ve discovered BB Cream, running out out of foundation is not the nightmare it once was.
I’ve been using Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream for the past few weeks and I love how it transforms my skin. It gives me an instant fresh faced glow, so it can be used for those mornings I’m running late and can’t afford the time to apply my usual make up or as a primer to enhance my foundation.
The gel based formula has not just the two benefits mentioned above, it also compliments skin tone, blurs imperfections, is non-greasy, looks smooth, hydrates, feels fresh and offers SPF 30 UV protection.
Plus to get all of these benefits, only a thin layer is required so my 30ml tube should hopefully last a few months, even with everyday use.
I honestly don’t know where I’d be without this product anymore. I actually look forward to putting it on in the morning as it totally transforms my face.


The cream leaves flawless skin when applied as a primer before foundation – perfect for nights out.


BB Creams seem to be everywhere at the moment and I think I’ll experiment with different brands to see if there is any difference (apart from price).
Dream Fresh BB Cream is available in four shades: light, universal glow, medium and dark.
It costs £7.99 from Boots (3 for 2 offer currently on Maybelline products).



I’m in the mood for pouting

29 May

The sun shining spells only one thing, the beginning of the long awaited summer.

Finally it is time to dust off the BBQ, bare some leg and and dig out the wellies in preparation for festival season.

This year, press pass permitting I’ll be attending V Festival VIP style. The backstage area is always crawling with musicians, soap stars, reality TV stars and WAGs who all look amazing so there is definately pressure to look good, despite slumming it in a tent.

I always take my make up bag with me to festivals but try to just wear the basics – foundation, bronzer, mascara and lipgloss.

Inspired by the festival season one of my favourite brands Miners has introduced a range of mood gloss. The gloss features colour changing technology that reacts with everyones individual ph-level creating a completely unique colour.There are two glosses available. My favourite shade is a nod to the UK’s biggest festival and is called “Glastonberry”. It is my favourite because it smells so fruity and goes from clear to a vibrant pink shade, that is as hot as the recent weather! The other shade is called “Peace Pout” and transforms from a nude shimmer to a pink shimmer. This lipgloss will certainly make my festival bag as it is a gloss and colour in one – the ultimate time saver. Another major plus point in my eyes is that the product is shiny without being sticky, which can let other glosses down.

Both shades are available from for £2.49.

Have you tried this gloss? What is your favourite shade?