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Sunny Side Up

20 Apr


The weather has been depressing of late but that doesn’t mean my nails have to be too!

Feeling the desperate need for a bit of brightness in my life I reached for Miners Sunny Side Up.

It’s a yellow shade that reminds me of banana custard and took just two coats before it was opaque.

The brush picks up a lot of varnish in just one dip (enough for three or four nails) which I thought was an added bonus.

Have you been reaching for the bright colours lately?


All that glitters

18 Apr


It’s official, I’ve caught the glitter bug.

The symptoms began when my friend Rachel came to work rocking American Apparel’s glitter varnish. I’d tried glitter polishes before wasn’t blown away. Removing it was a nightmare too so I thought it was best left to the under 10s. Until now.

Determined to mimic Rachel’s nails I headed to Boots last weekend with one aim only – to find my perfect glitter polish, which I found at the Models Own counter.

The brand has recently joined forces with Hed Kandi, the world’s most glamorous going-out brand to create a brand new exclusive collection of five nail polishes inspired by the party capital of the world, Ibiza.


Beach Party, Balearic Cool, Disco Heaven, Ibiza Mix and Hedonist

The collaboration, which celebrates Hed Kandi’s ten year anniversary on the Balearic party island. For me, the best of the collection is Ibiza Mix, a dense multi-coloured day-night sparkle.

I applied two coats over black nail varnish and absoloutley love the results. The glitter is larger than that found in the polishes of any other brand I have tried and the colours remind me of a disco ball. I was amazed how quickly the polish dried. From experience with similar products, I found the drying time was also a let down and prone to smudging. But within five minutes I was ready for another coat. Once it had dried, I applied a top coat, to keep the glitter in place.

I have been wearing the mesmerising combination since the weekend and have received lots of compliments, both in person and on Twitter.

Four other flirty shades form part of the Hed Kandi collection and

are guaranteed to take you from day to night and back to day. Starting off with the flirty Beach Party, a sunny, bright polish inspired by the famous sunsets on the White Isle; Balearic Cool, a crystal aquamarine blue inspired by the waters of Formentera; Disco Heaven, a glittery, gold disco bomb and Hedonist, a no inhibition hot neon coral.

The varnishes cost £5 each from Boots .

Drip, drip, drop little Aapri showers..

15 Apr

When it comes to products such as shower gel, facial scrubs, moisturiser, etc – the scent and packaging play a big part in my decision.

So when I was looking through my mom’s shelf in the bathroom cabinet Aapri’s facial scrub gel caught my attention.

The peachy packaging screams spring and as I am a big fan of the coral colours lately I was instantly drawn to it.
The smell is also fantastic.
As you would expect from an apricot scrub, it has the fruity aroma of apricots – gorgeous.

As I am constantly tanning and wearing make up, I need to use a facial scrub on a daily basis to exfoliate and keep my skin feeling fresh and soft.

I have previously used tea tree products (to aid breakouts) but find this can be quite harsh on my skin as well as smelling quite medicinal. I have also tried a Clinique scrub and although it makes my skin feel great, the scent is very bland and does nothing for me.

Aapri however ticks all of those boxes and after one use I was hooked.
It is made with finely ground apricot kernels to gently cleanse the skin.
Preferably used after removing make up, it removes additional dirt, grease and dead skin cells leaving healthy, radiant skin.

Luckily my mom gave it to me too but even if she hadn’t I would have purchased some myself.

Have you got a favourite facial scrub?