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Get lippy

28 Feb

She’s got her lipstick on…

Over the past few months I’ve become obsessed with lipstick.
I used to think it was just something the over 40’s wore and was a die hard gloss girl but that’s all changed.
I love how a touch of lippy completes your look and there is a shade to complement every skin tone.
Miners Cosmetics has recently launched its new and improved lipstick collection and I am hooked.
I recently lost my favourite MAC lipstick on a night out and I was in mourning until I tried these products.
Not a day goes by that I don’t apply my Miners Cosmetics lippy.
There are three different types – Moisture Effect, Matte Effect and Lip Colour.

Moisture Effect products are infused with Aloe Vera and Jojoba and leave lips saturated in four irresistible juicy colours.
Kiss me Quick is a soft red shade with hidden coral undertones; Hush Hush is a barely there natural nude shade; English Rose is a delicate pink shade and Moulin Rouge is a flirty daring ruby colour.
My favourite from this range is Kiss me Quick. It glides onto my lips, needing no top coat of lip balm for shine. It’s a beautiful vibrant colour that I think would suit the majority of skin tones.

Images courtesy of Miners Cosmetics


Matte Effect is specifically formulated to leave lips saturated in high pigment , matte colour without leaving them dry and flaky – and may I add it succeeds.
There are four irresistible colours but only two are new.
My favourite shade has to be Wonderland – a stunning light coral shade with a hint of pink – it is just like my lost MAC one! I wear this one practically every day.
The other new colour is Fiesta, a girly pink shade that is suitable for day or night.

Images courtesy of Miners Cosmetics


Lip Colour are designed to give a vivid and velvety, soft colour.
There are eight shades; Cinnamon is a rustic tan shade; Mulled Wine is a deep red and brown; Dreamer is similar to Pink Shimmer, both pink, cute and girly although the latter is baby pink and the other dusky; Glamour Girl is a bright feisty pink; Vogue and Seduction tackle the red shades and Icon is very berry.

Images courtesy of Miners Cosmetics

Images courtesy of Miners Cosmetics


All lipsticks cost just £3.99 and come in beautiful packaging, with the ends showing the exact colour, which I love and think is very handy.
To buy yours, head to Miners Cosmetics


You have to bath with a few frogs till you find your prince

13 Feb

A kiss from a frog is better than none

This cute bath bomb from Lush would have been the perfect way to relax before being wined and dined this Valentine’s Day. Unfortunatley, I’m working tomorrow evening so I decided to treat myself to a nice, long bath and a cup of green tea tonight instead.

Green tea, green bath water...

The Leap Frog bath bomb is adorable. The big, red, heart shaped lips made me smile and it certainly stands out. Even before the frog found himself at home in my bath tub, the smell was nothing but charming. I was shocked to discover it was perfumed with jasmine (I usually hate the smell) but I’m guessing the sandalwood and rose cancelled it out.

Pucker up

As the bath bomb leaped into action and began to fizz away, the water reminded me of a potion in a witches cauldron. The green and red  infused and swirled, and call me crazy, but I could even see lilypads?!

Witches brew or love potion?

But the fun doesn’t stop there. As you girl’s may be aware, 2012 is a leap year and according to tradition February 29th is when you get to propose. In honour of this, Lush decided to rename its famous Frog Prince bath bomb and brought out the Leap Frog to celebrate.

And, if you’re wondering whether to pop the question, he might just help you make up your mind… although I’ll never know what Prince Shaun had planned for me…

Could he have been my Prince Charming?

My verdict? I’d certainly share my bath with a frog again (luckily I have another one). I felt very relaxed and my skin was silky smooth.

You can buy your very own Leap Frog bath bomb here

A quirky twist on old favourites

8 Feb

In a previous post I shared my excitement about a new beauty brand Urbanista.

The innovative Urbanista collection launched late last month with a selection of beauty tools with a vibrant twist.

When the postman finally arrived with a selection of the above, I couldn’t wait to rip the package open and give the products a whirl.

And I wasn’t disappointed. The beauty tools just ooze cool.

I have never been one to wax lyrical about a pair of tweezers. I’ve always opted for the cheapest option in Superdrug and sharpened them with a metal nail file when they were blunt. But that has all changed. The Urbanista Plucking Genius tweezers (£3.99) are AMAZING. Honestly, they are a pluck above the rest at a very reasonable price. The rubber casing (which comes in a lively yellow, pink or green) makes them comfortable to hold while ensuring you can get a good grip on them. They are also the sharpest pair of tweezers I have come across and even get rid of the shortest of hairs. The florescent colours also make them stand out in my make up bag – bonus.


Clippin ‘Eck is the genius name given to Urbanista’s range of clippers. They come in two sizes, a small one for finger nails (£3.99) and a larger one for toenails (£4.99). Available in green, pink or yellow they look so much better than standard clippers, making the mundane task of trimming your nails that little bit brighter.

Now we move on to The N Files. I have swayed away from emery boards of late, preferring the finish of metal nail files, which is exactly what Urbanista has released. The funky files (£3.99) are easy to grip and give perfect results, fast. They are also available in pink, green or yellow. I had reservations when I tried Foot File and Fancy Free (£4.99) as I suffer from hard skin on my feet (gross I know). But I was pleasantly surprised. The file shaved away my tough skin and left a really soft and smooth finish. The foot files are available in blue or orange and I would recommend to anyone who isn’t having much luck with a pumice stone.

A range of brushes to apply blusher, foundation and eyeshadow have also been released by Urbanista. After I tried the Lay the Foundation brush (£4.99) I vowed never to use a sponge to apply my war paint ever again. The brush gives a beautiful, even application and gets into all the nooks and crannies. It also leaves my skin very soft – a definite winner.

Haircare is also at the top of Urbanista’s list. I tried the Lock, Stock & Smokin’ Slim Barrel Brush (£8.99), which is a stroke of genius. The brush lets you know it is at the correct temperature to use by transforming from pink to white. It is great for getting an instant root boost without need for backcombing.

The brand also has a beautiful range of nail foils, which I couldn’t wait to try. I had never used foils before so I was a bit baffled about how I should use them. After a few false starts and five minutes of YouTube tutorials I sort of got the hand of it but I definitely need more practise! My only criticism of the foils is that I think longer instructions are needed for novice’s like myself but the designs and the price (£2.99) are fabulous.

I think Urbanista is my latest brand crush. It all looks good and doesn’t break the bank – plus I adore the product names. The full Urbanista range is available to buy and view online at

If you buy anything I’d love to hear all about it!







Lush offer.

8 Feb

Image courtesy of



A new promotion has caught my eye that I just had to share with you lovely lot.
It combines metabalism boosting with a heavenly skin treatment.
Interested? I thought you would be.

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that green tea helps shed a few extra pounds.
I am a big fan so I was a little excited to hear that Lush has teamed up with Clipper Tea to offer us tea monsters a chance to make our very own Catatsrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, here’s the best bit we can take a tub (worth £15) home for free!
From Friday (10th Feb) promotional boxes will be appearing on supermarket shelves near you with an exclusive tag on to redeem!

The one-and-a-half hour workshops take place at local Lush stores and give you the chance to:

Get involved and learn all about the beautiful fresh handmade skincare; have a personal skincare consultation; make your own Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask (made with fresh blueberries); and take a pot home to plaster on your face.

And all whilst you enjoy a Clipper cuppa – BLISS.

Details and a code can be found on the bottom of promotional boxes and a workshop can be organised online at
You then just pop along on the date you’ve booked for yourworkshop but don’t throw away the original coupon or you won’t be able to attend!

Offer available from February 2012 – April 2012
Lush workshops can be booked until May 2012

Are you as excited about this as I am? Let me know if you plan to tag along to a workshop 🙂

Really Good Hair Oil

4 Feb

Fushi’s Really Good Hair Oil

Just before Christmas I did something that I thought I would never do – I binned my hair extensions.

I have always had really fine hair that refuses to grow beyond my shoulders so back in 2006 I purchased some clip-in hair extensions.

Instantly my hair was transformed, it was thick, long and I loved it.

I was NEVER seen without them again, I only took them out to sleep in and put them straight back in as soon as I woke up.

Surprisingly it didn’t take me long to start getting them glued in.

However that came at a price and my real hair suffered. It was thinner than ever before and I developed two bald patches just above my ears.

Instead of giving up my long tresses I switched back to clip-in extensions but it was becoming pricey due to my habit of changing my hair colour every month and buying new extensions to match.

As many of you know hair extensions are not always a good look. Mine did look very ratty at times but I didn’t care, at least I had long hair.

Five years later, just before a night out my friend had trimmed my hair. He begged me not to put my extensions back in and it took a lot of persuasion from my other friends before I agreed.

I felt naked without them and it was only when it had been backcombed and had volume that I started to believe that it didn’t look too bad shorter.

From that day I didn’t look back, I’d stepped into a brave new extension-less world.

I must admit that it was a lot less hassle getting ready in the mornings and as I was paying more attention to my real hair it soon became healthier.

It was still very fine though so when I heard Fushi had released Really Good Hair Oil, which promises to strengthen and thicken hair and stimulate growth at the scalp, I had to give it a whirl.

Fushi are an ethical beauty brand and this blend of natural oils promise to rejuvenate lifeless hair and give you fuller, healthier locks in no time.

The company believe that the body shouldn’t be overexposed to chemicals and unnatural elements and only uses natural and organic ingreedients where possible.

The product contains Moroccan argan oil and virgin coconut oil to strenghen and smooth the hair, vitamin E rich avacado oil and sweet almond oil to replenish shine and restore moisture and Indian jasmine oil for what is claimed to be “a beautiful sweet aroma”- but more about that later.

The formula is then triple infused with antitoxidant rich Brahmi, which nourishes the hair from the root to promote growth and Neem works to promote a healthier scalp and help thicken hair.

So what do you do with it? Well there are two options:

Regular conditioning

Slowly massage the oil into your scalp, leave overnight and wash out the next morning.


Weekly deep conditioning treatment

Massage the oil into your scalp and then wrap hair in a steaming towel for at least half an hour and wash out.

I’ve tried both options and had equally good results.

The smell however isn’t for me but I’ve been told the aroma of jasmine gets a mixed reaction, some like it, some don’t and I fall into the latter category.

For the results I got though I’m willing to overlook the smell.

When I first got the product I covered my hair in the oil and it did look greasy (ok, I looked like I’d dipped my head in chip fat) but I wanted to make sure I had enough on for it to do something.

I tied my hair up in a loose bun and off to bed I went. The next morning I washed it off and I was seriously impressed. My hair felt softer than ever before and it was unbelievably shiny.

A couple of days later, before I went in the shower I massaged a few drops into my scalp and wrapped my hair in a towel for around 45 minutes.

When I washed it out and dried my hair again it was really soft and shiny.

I’m yet to notice a difference in the thickness of my hair but it is early days and I will keep you updated.

Although the packaging isn’t anything special and the smell is less than desirable (in my opinion) I would recommend the Really Good Hair Oil to anyone who has dull, dry hair as it really does deliver.

The product retails at £15.95 and is available from , selected Waitrose, Ocado and Daylesford Organic.