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New brand alert – Urbanista

18 Jan

I love a new brand launch, after all it’s too easy to get in a beauty rut. It also sends trusted brands into a frenzy and encourages them to up their game – its a win win situation.

So I’m very excited about Urbanista,  a brand designed and created by a self-confessed fashionista for those that consider themselves “shrewd but not snobbish, clever but never conceited”.

The innovative Urbanista collection launches with a selection of beauty tools with a vibrant twist; make-up brushes, hairbrushes, clippers, nail files, nail foils and tweezers.

I was sold immediately – after all they are everyday essentials. But if you’re still unsure surely the quirky names and lavish colours will seal the deal.

My favourites are ‘Cliping Eck!’  and  ‘Plucking Genius’ I love a good old play on words so I’m sure they are bound to bring a smile to your face.

The beauty tools start at £2.99 and are available online at although currently only the nail foils are available ,which I am definitely investing in they are adorable and I’m a sucker for nail art.

If you buy any of the products I’d love to know what you think – let me know on Twitter at @MakeUpMadBlog


Back to black

15 Jan

I’ve already confessed my love for B&M Bargain’s beauty stock so you won’t be surprised to hear I had another find while browsing the aisles last week.
These fake nails cost just 89p and include a glue.
I’m in love with them, being black they are easier to wear than the zebra print ones and the strips of grey and glitter keep them interesting.
The only downside is the glitter is starting to wear off but for under £1 I cannot complain!!
Have you got any beauty bargains lately?


Christmas Haul

2 Jan

Christmas would not be complete without receiving some new make up to add to my collection and this year did not disappoint.
I had two great eyeshadow sets, a ridiculously cute lipgloss set, a mascara (as a gift to myself) and a bargain perfume.

The Only Way is Essex All Eyes On Me
I’m a huge fan of TOWIE so when I opened this gift from my secret Santa I was very happy.
It features four colour intense shadows that can be used day or night.
The creamy colour has had the most use so far as it can be blended with all of them for that bright eyes Essex look but the dark blue is another firm favourite.
All colours last all day and give great coverage without primer.
The case also has a handy mirror and applicator so you can apply on the go.
TOWIE beauty products, which also feature bronzed and perfume are available from Superdrug.

FCUK Colour her eyes and lips
This sleek set was a gift from my mom, who once more got it spot on.
It featured 18 smooth pressed powder eyeshadows, with a range of nude, pastel and darker shades for the perfect smoky eye.
There isn’t a dud colour in the set, which I think is great considering there are so many colours, that really doesn’t happen often.
There is a colour for every mood and look – it’s made my other pallets redundant for the time being (sorry Urban Decay!)
In addition there are 6 sheer lip colours – two pink, two brown, one red and one plum.
I’m not sure I’m brave enough to rock the latter four just yet, they are a bit intense and the darkest I usually go is coral but the pinky tones are great for a nude look.
This set also features a huge mirror and a double ended applicator so it can also be slipped in your handbag for a top up when/if required.

Liberty Art for Hello Kitty, Hello Lips lipgloss collection
This set has the cutest packaging I think I have ever seen. It was another present from my lovely mom, who said the packaging drew her in.
It features four shades – natural, light pink, dark pink and plum – all are very wearable, even the plum which isn’t too dark.
Made exclusively for Boots, this collection has a colour for every occasion (the dark pink one even has some glitter in), isn’t too sticky and lasts for at least an hour before there’s a need to reapply.

Revlon 3D Extreme mascara
This was a gift to myself that I got from my favourite cheap fix shop B&M.
I needed a new mascara and had never tried Revlon before so thought for £2.89 I had nothing to lose!
I wasn’t disappointed, after a few strokes, my short lashes looked longer and the small brush makes adding definition to lower lashes easy.
It doesn’t add a lot of thickness and its not a favourite of mine but its good enough to hold me over till the next bargain.

Princess Victoria Pour Femme Eau De Toilette
This is one of my favourite Christmas presents and it only cost my best friend 99p!
As soon as I opened it, the name and packaging gave me a clue about what it would smell like and when I ripped it open and sprayed my wrist my suspicions were confirmed – Vera Wang Princess.
It smells exactly the same!
Granted as it is a knock off from the 99p Store it doesn’t have the long-lasting scent of the original but it is a great find and perfect to make do with until the funds to buy the real deal have mounted up.