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Animal print nails for under £1

15 Dec


The world is going nail art crazy at the moment, including me, so I could not resist buying these nails, which cost just 89p

One of my favourite places for beauty buys is B&M Bargains.
The stock never fails to amaze me (tooth whitening paint, Rimmel mineral foundation, Maybelline vibrating mascara, St Moritz fake tan to name a few gems) and it is all super cheap.
While browsing yesterday, these beauties caught my eye.
I’m a sucker for animal print at the best of times and since I’ve been getting a little slack of late when it comes to maintaining my nail polish (chip central) I thought I’d indulge in some fakes!
At 89p for 24 nails plus glue I was a little giddy and couldn’t wait to get home and put them on.
Although they do verge on tacky, it’s nearly Christmas so it’s allowed, right?
I absoloutley love them & if you do too they also come in leopard print.

Thought I’d share my new nails with you


Hopes of greatness nipped in the bud

14 Dec

When the postman popped the latest products from Amirose through my letterbox I was very excited.Afterall any products that boldy claim to tackle what is probably the top three beauty disasters can only be a good thing, right?

 Amirose has added three different liquid filled cotton buds to its niche range, which by their own admission are for “life’s little emergencies”.

The cotton buds come in their own compact container – perfect for popping in your handbag – and I was amazed how easy to use they were, no mess or fuss just snap the tip and dab or clean where needed.

So do they work?

Eye Make Up Remover / Corrector

This is easily my favourite of the bunch, especially as I constantly have to wipe away lash lines underneath my brow after applying mascara and don’t have the steadiest hand as I apply eyeliner.

These were perfect for wiping away any smudges or smears and the water based and alcohol free liquid left no stinging or irritation.

These buds also have skin conditioning properties thanks to soothing Aloe Vera and anti-ageing Vitamin E – big thumbs up.

£3.99 for pack of 24 buds

Blemish Blitz

Thankfully when these arrived I was spot free but a few days later, my chin had made three new friends overnight.

Fear not I thought and immediatley reached for these bad boys, expecting – I won’t lie – a miracle.

After applying the liquid directly onto the spots as instructed I waited.. and waited.. the redness was slightly less but all in all, a big fat nothing despite the salicylic acid, a “proven” blemish fighting ingredient.

I suppose differnent things work for different people but I’ll avoid using these again.

£3.99 for a pack of 24 buds

X-press Dental Stain Remover

Having recently visited the dentist and denied a scale and polish as I “didn’t need one” I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these as I wanted the stains left by my tea monster ways gone.

They promised to remove plaque, tartar and those unwanted stains caused by tea and coffee so they sounded like my best bet.

Sadly I was once again disappointed.

The only thing I got from these was a acidy/I’ve been sucking lemons sensation when my tongue touched my teeth.

Huge thumbs down.

£3.99 for pack of 12 buds.